Global integrated process controlling and supervising system for processing of fruits.

By the development of our equipment our goal was to create - associated with the name of “Pálinka”, that was patented in Europe as a Hungarian product -, for the production of high quality products  such a complex controlling and supervising technology, that follows the way of the product from the delivery of the fruit to the consumers. Through that will be provided the possibility of producing distillates out of properly processed and good quality fruit mash, that are rich in aromas, in a totally controlled form. Through that, the requirements of the highest quality systems will be met.

As we can see the by the name, this is a totally complex system, which contains the controlling and supervising of the technological processes, that are necessary for the distillation of schnapps.

We have constructed the system out of four, from each other independent functioning modules, that are as follows:

  • „HAYWARD” = fruit processing
  • „PASTOR” = Controlling of fermentation
  • „FERRYMAN” =  Controlling of distillation
  • „ACCOUNTANT” = Registration of store stock and revenues

By choosing the name, we have consciously endeavored to use such Hungarian expressions that are typical for the given job, emphasizing by that the national innovation as well.

Recognizing the Living being of the processed and applied materials, during our developments we have considered as fundamental the application of such product- and nature-friendly solutions, that provide possibility for a fine and soft process during the whole technology.

With this in our mind, we have introduced the slogan of “Product-friendly technologies”, that we continuously apply in our systems.
„HAYWARD”  Supervising and controlling system for fruit processing

This module provides the possibility of processing the fruits – that are delivered to the plant – in a safe and controlled way.

Main characteristics:

  • Weighing, photographing, identification of plate numbers, registration of delivery note, digital notes.
  • Registration of the dates of visual and laboratory examination of the fruits
  • Processing (Washing, sorting, hacking and grinding)
  • Choosing of mash rout (manual, or automatic)
  • Supervising the filling up of fermentation tank (option: controlling, measuring of level and quantity)
  • Automatic storing in (option)
  • Automatic storing out (option), together with the fermentation system
  • Automatic filling up of the boiler (option), together with the fermentation system.
  • Acid treatment (adjustment of pH value)
  • Leaven dosing (supervising, registering). Option: controlling of dosing.
  • Nutrient salt (supervising, registering). Option: controlling of dosing.
  • Solution of pectin (supervising, registering). Option: controlling of dosing.

The controlling of the whole fruit processing will be made on the basis of a prepared computerized algorithm, which is totally plant specific. After the choosing of the desired process (e.g. processing of plum 1), the necessary rout will be designed by the computer, the state of the valves will be examined, and then the rout line and the necessary process will be drawn. The valves will be positioned according to the automated level, or instructions will be provided about the execution.  After the switching executed by the operators (opening, closing of the clack-valves), the operator has to confirm the executed job. After the streaming was given free way, the computer will start the controlling by a separate instruction. After the completion of the process, the system will be automatically stopped by the equipment and an extra signal will be given, then warning for the preparation of the next technological step will be given.

„PASTOR”  Intelligent system for the supervising and controlling of the fermentation.

This module provides the realization of safe fermentation of the properly processed fruit.

Main charateristics:
This is a dynamic variable intelligent controlling system, that accommodates itself flexibly to the actual microbiological properties of the product, and hereby makes the most tolerant and safest treatment possible, avoiding an eventual evolution of an irrevocable process.

We have designed the system from the point of view of user experts. The appearance of the system is mostly likened to an interactive animation game, but behind the playful operating surface runs a very serious process controlling system.

No information technology knowledge is necessary for the operation of the system, because the construction of the menus is simple and logical. Its usage can be learned in hours.

The total controlling will be fulfilled by a central industrial computer, designed for this job.To this computer, are linked all of the input and output signals used for the controlling, and the system will be controlled on a basis of a predefined logic.
To the equipment, an IBM compatible PC with a Windows based user's surface belongs, that is functioning on the basis of the typical Windows system, necessary for the controlling.
It contains the realistic illustrations of the equipments and the technology, the technological process flow-sheet, resp. the Windows system necessary for the controlling. On the flow sheet appearing on the monitor, the actual controlling process can be followed. Clicking on the proper icon, the intervention, or the request of the dates will be made possible.

Construction, ability and design of the system is identically with the supervising system of the distillation.

„ FERRYMAN ” intelligent system for the supervising and controlling of the distillation.

This module provides the process controlling of the distillation of the fermented mash into a proper quality final product.

Main characteristics:

  • Remote connection /controlling through the internet, or through wireless connection as well.
  • One operator with contact of more distillation at the same time.
  • The controlling of the distillation is automated / and without supervising.
  • Data are stored in data-base, preserving of data, retrieval of data
  • Administration procedures, registering
  • Simple edifying of prescriptions
  • Using of parameters
  • General system for any kind of distillators
  • Alarming, local signaling through internet or through sms
  • Simple and spectacular user-friendly operating surface
  • More languages
  • Fermentation can be integrated with the controlling

After the infilling of the mash, according to the entered parameters and under the supervising of the distillatory master, the distillation process will be executed. Beside the taking of samples and the tasting the distillation can be controlled and in case of need the parameters can be changed during the process, optimizing herewith the process of the distillation to the high quality of the product to be produced.